Why Transition Expertise?

The Problem

Clients-in-transition often struggle with communication, decision-making, managing expectations, and even implementation, and they require a different set of tools and protocols than most advisors are used to. They also require a process that explores, integrates, and celebrates who they are as individual people. As human beings. And to make matters even more enriching, some clients move through their major life events in a state of flow, and most advisors weren’t trained in ways to further enhance flow. There’s a reason 70% of widows leave their financial advisors within a year of being widowed.

The Solution

Training in the personal side of money. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence equal to your technical expertise. Understanding the science of transitions. Financial Transitions Planning teaches you how to skillfully:

  • Help clients and their families talk about and move through major life events.
  • Guide clients through emotional decisions.
  • Provide ongoing financial education customized to each client’s preferences and needs.
  • Co-create plans for your clients that bring their unique values and goals to life.

Next up: Core Training