The Certified Financial Transitionist® Designation

The CeFT® is a level-up designation, and as such only individuals who hold a Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Investment Management Analyst®, Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, Chartered Financial Analyst®, Chartered Financial Consultant ®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, or Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist designation can sit for certification. There are two parts to the program:  

Part One: Core Training discussed on the previous page.

Part Two: Certification Exam

Certification Exam

The Certification Exam is currently held virtually, through a proctored, online platform, Talview. The exam evaluates the skill of the candidate in the application of Financial Transitionist® tools and protocols through role-playing/oral exam, written case essays, structured response, multiple-choice testing. The structure of the exam is: Part 1- 90 minutes – 90 Multiple-Choice Questions Part 2 – 90 minutes – 15 Structured-Response Questions Part 3 – 90 minutes – 4 Essay Questions. There is a 15-minute break between sections. The sections are weighted equally and 70 is the passing score. We are looking for participants to have learned the Core materials and reached competence with using them as well as competence in explaining what they do, why they do it, and how it is unique. 

Exam Preparation

Included in the cost of the exam ($890) is a study guide a remote-proctored online Practice Exam with Answer Key, and an optional coaching call.  In order to sit for certification, candidates must:
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics for Financial Transitionists®.
  • Be in good standing with the governing board of their primary designation.
  • Successfully complete the yearlong Core Training.
    • Submit all Client Experiences, including the Written Case.
    • Demonstrate a base level of competency using the materials by actively participating in the Experience Calls.
    • Make use of two coaching calls.
    • Please note that all certificants are expected to read all materials from the course, including the coursebook. The abbreviated Study Guide is not adequate preparation for the exam.
Click here for requirements for Maintaining the CeFT® Designation.

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