Convos w/Advisors

FTI/SMI Founder, Susan Bradley, CFP ®, CeFT®  and FTI Faculty member, Peggy Frye, CFP ®, CeFT® chat with new and seasoned practitioners of Financial Transitions Planning, about our training as well as how they integrate our tools into daily practice with clients.  
Don’t have time to watch the whole thing? Here’s a guide to the discussion: Introduction: Susan and Peggy talk about how Transition Expertise Matters. They introduce the two sides of money: the technical and the personal. Financial Transitions Planning starts on the personal side and integrates with the technical. Expertise on the personal side is as important and as complex as expertise on the technical side.

2:20 Joan Cox, CeFT® and Mastery member of the FTI/SMI Community, talks about a specific case where she moved between the personal and the technical. She discusses why and how she did that.

4:04 Current Core-training members, Matt Hanna and Renee Hanson, talk about how the training is a “difference-maker,” and how important it is to communicate the importance of the personal side and the way in which the two sides are connected. They say they need to not just understand what they are doing and why it is important, they need to be able to explain what they do, how they do it, and why to their clients.

6:30 Bob Valente, another Core member, talks about how useful our graphics are and how they are a great starting point for describing what we do in Financial Transitions Planning.

8:08 Jan Johnson has been using our tools for years and says that her conversations still begin with talking about the two sides of money because it helps clients understand what she does.

8:55 Susan talks about the Four Stages of Transition and how it helps the advisor and the client determine which stage a client is in. Peggy and the advisors on the call then chime in with fascinating stories about the importance of knowing about the stages, and they even talk about their own transitions. The newest advisors on the call are remarkably skilled at describing how they are already using their training around the stages in their first few months of Core.

20:39 Peggy says, “This is not a training program. It is a community of practitioners who want to continue to improve and evolve.” Renee adds that the program is unlike any other. The Communication Preference Exercise is introduced, and Renee says it’s humbling because she thought she already did something like it. Advisors talk about how they use it in their practice.

32:20 Peggy introduces the Decision Free Zone®, Susan describes its process and NOW, SOON and LATER format, and the advisors reflect on how it works in practice.


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