What FTI/SMI community members are saying:

Find the FTI materials to be uniquely helpful.
Would recommend FTI’s training to other professionals.
Say their client meetings are more productive as a result of their training.
Say their clients respond positively to the FTI tools.

The CeFT® body of work is the Rosetta Stone for experienced Financial Planners. Ross Marino CFP®, CeFT®

FTI’s training has added the most needed ingredient into the financial planning process—The Client. Norm Politziner, CFP®, CeFT®

FTI has led so much innovation in this important sector of the financial planning/life planning industry. No one else has done what this community has done. Michael B. Karwic, CFP®, AEP®, CRPC®, CeFT®

My training as a CeFT® has proven invaluable in my work as a CDFA. The majority of my clients are wracked with indecision and are emotionally paralyzed.

Barbara Shapiro EdM2, MSF, CFP®, CFS, CMC, CDFA, CeFT®


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