Speaking Request – Susan Bradley

Susan is available for keynotes and other speaking engagements. Please contact kathy@suddenmoney.com with your request. Frequent speaking topics include:
  • Sudden Money, Sudden Change – Managing Change before the Money.
  • The Future is Human and the Future is Now – With the advent of the robot advisor, it is more important than ever to maintain the human touch and to cultivate skills that integrate and celebrate the client and the advisor/client relationship.
  • The Traits of Clients In Transition – How to identify and accommodate the challenges of working with clients in transition.
  • Tools and Process for the Personal Side – Everyone finally agrees that there’s a personal side to money and some even realize that it’s the personal side that drives decision-making. The question now is: where do you get tools and process for the personal side? 
  • Where do widows go? – Research says 70% of widows and divorced women leave their advisor two years after the event. Find out where they go and why.
  • Transition Expertise Matters – Why financial services professionals need to learn about the human dynamics of financial change.
  • The Art of Client Alignment – Nothing of significance happens without alignment; everything is possible when you know the art of alignment and realignment.
  • Breaking the Implementation Impasse – Find out why clients stall and don’t follow through or return calls, and learn what you can do to break the impasse.