Love and Money: Financial Advice Helps Widows Navigate Romance and Finance



Advisors will learn about a new major international study of more than 4,000 widows, with a special focus on a subset of that total group—widows who have repartnered (remarried or entered a long-term relationship) after their spouse’s death. Implications for an advisor’s work with widows are included.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn important statistics about widows
  2. Learn why it’s important to integrate research findings into an advisory practice serving widows
  3. Learn about the issues women have with financial confidence after the death of their spouse.
  4. Learn about the major financial challenge widows experience after repartnering
  5. Learn how to recognize the type of financial advice that widows rated most highly
  6. Learn how to identify “best practice” tools for their own practice with widows


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