Advanced studies is for advisors who have completed their Core training and would like to further their study of Financial Transitions Planning. Advanced meets monthly for 60-90 minutes and focuses on a tool not included in Core training, cases, and/or practice management.

The goal is for each individual to increase their confidence and fluency in using the tools and processes of Financial Transitions Planning. This is a yearlong program that is not sequential. Whenever you complete Core (or earn certification) you may enter an Advanced class. Upon completion of your year in Advanced, you may move up to Advanced 2. First-Year Mastery* component will be available for 2019-2020.

This level is available only to those who have successfully completed Core Training.

*First-Year Mastery is for those seeking continuous learning and personal growth. Virtual monthly curriculum includes training with Dr. Moira Somers, Courtney Pullen, and Susan Bradley. The curriculum of First-Year Mastery is sequential, therefore everyone entering must begin at the same time.


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