Advanced 2


Advanced 2 is for advisors who have completed their Core training and year one of Advanced studies and would like to further their study of Financial Transitions Planning. Advanced 2 meets monthly for 60-90 minutes and focuses on a tool not included in Core training, cases, and/or practice management.

The goal is for each individual to increase their confidence and fluency in using the tools and processes of Financial Transitions Planning. This is a yearlong program that is not sequential. Whenever you complete Advanced, you may enter Advanced 2. Upon completion of your year in Advanced 2 you may move up to Advanced 3. First-Year Mastery* component will be available for 2019-2020.

This level is available only to those who have completed Core Training and Advanced 1.

*First-Year Mastery is for those seeking continuous learning and personal growth. Virtual monthly curriculum includes training with Dr. Moira Somers, Courtney Pullen, and Susan Bradley. The curriculum of First-Year Mastery is sequential, therefore everyone entering must begin at the same time.


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