Long-Life Planning According to the Financial Transitionist

When I read “You’re Asking the Wrong Longevity Planning Questions,” by Christopher Giambrone and Dennis Coughlin in Financial Planning, I said to myself, “Yes! Finally! The industry is taking notice!” I immediately contacted Sandy Adams, CFP® of the Center for Financial Planning in Southfield, MI. Sandy is a Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) who specializes in what we at the Financial Transitionist Institute call Long-Life Planning. I knew she’d be thrilled to read about other advisors who are working in this important area.

What questions should you be asking?

Sandy does use the MIT Age Lab questions referred to in the article:
  1. Who will change my light bulbs?
  2. How will I get an ice cream cone?
  3. Who will I have lunch with?

But wait–there’s more.

However, after years of making Long-Life Planning a priority in her work, she says there is a lot more to the client conversation. Here are three additional questions that are regularly part of her discussions:
  1. How will my family/loved ones be involved in my next phase of life and/or how do I envision them being involved?
“These can be two different things,” says Sandy. “How you plan for this phase and communicate with those involved can make all the difference.”
  1. Who will be my thinking partner?
Sandy says she explains with something like, “You may very likely find yourself very alone at some point during the next phase in life. Who will you run your decisions by? Who can help you make tough choices or even just be your sounding board? Having someone you trust in place—whom you know will always have your best interests in mind—whether it is a family member, friend, or trusted professional is crucial to settling into your next phase of life successfully.”
  1. How can I make the rest of my life, the best of my life?
Sandy explains, “Being intentional about making the rest of your life as meaningful and purposeful as the first phases of your life does take work. But it makes the last stretch so much more worthwhile!”

Learn More About Long-Life Planning

We are so grateful to have professionals like Sandy in our community. Her passion for Long-Life Planning and her continuous learning and sharing are a prime example of what makes the FTI Community unique. If you’d like to learn more about Long-Life Planning (at no cost or for $25 if you’d like CEs), click here for a webinar Sandy did with Anne Bedinger, another of our community experts in Long-Life Planning. If you’d like to earn more about Financial Transitions Planning and peek through a window into our community through an introductory workshop, click here. And if you’re ready to sign up for our signature yearlong program, click here. Thank you!