financial planning and transitions

Welcome to the Financial Transitionist Institute

If you are a professional interested in learning about Financial Transitions Planning, you’ve come to the right place! The Financial Transitionist Institute (FTI) is the training and certification division of the Sudden Money Institute (SMI). We offer the industry’s first designation in the human dynamics of financial change and transition­—the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®).

If you are an individual looking for guidance while you move through your own major life events,  please visit our parent company, We understand the challenges of adapting to major life changes and we’ve been helping people just like you for over 18 years. If you’re ready to contact an advisor, you can go directly to our Certified Financial Transitionist® Directory.

Separate yourself from your peers with the knowledge, process and tools necessary to handle the challenges of the personal side of money. Develop a deep understanding of the human dynamics of change and transition. Co-create the highest of outcomes for your clients. Build your business on the premise that a client’s optimal plan can emerge only after their unique circumstances have had the opportunity to arise. Join our unique and vibrant community.