Four Important Stages Of Transition For You And Your Business – In Conversation with Josh Patrick

Susan Bradley, from Sudden Money on “Cracking the Cash Flow Code” with Josh Patrick.       Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT® is the founder of the Sudden Money® Institute, which began 18 years ago as a community of practice seeking to better serve their financial planning clients by developing processes and tools for the personal […]

Get Your Signed, Hardcover Sudden Money Book!

When money changes, life changes, and when life changes, money changes. Nearly two decades after introducing this core concept in my book, Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000), I’m even surer than ever of its truth.   In the late 90s, inspired by my observation of certain behavioral, cognitive and emotional patterns among my own financial […]

The Personal Side Drives Decision-Making. Now What?

We here at the Sudden Money® Institute have been studying the personal side of money for over 15 years. Our original intention, following Susan Bradley’s Sudden Money®: Managing a Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000), was to figure out why dealing with clients-in-transition was frequently so frustrating for financial professionals and where the disconnect was. The answer […]