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Long-Life Planning According to the Financial Transitionist

When I read “You’re Asking the Wrong Longevity Planning Questions,” by Christopher Giambrone and Dennis Coughlin in Financial Planning, I said to myself, “Yes! Finally! The industry is taking notice!” I immediately contacted Sandy Adams, CFP® of the Center for Financial Planning in Southfield, MI. Sandy is a Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) who specializes in […]

On Understanding Transition Traits

Life transitions don’t happen in a vacuum. There is no “retirement” without a person who is retiring. It’s silly just thinking about that, right? And yet, financial services professionals often treat “retirement” as their subject. They plan for “retirement” with their very helpful toolbox of technical assessments and fixes. But “retirement” is actually a word […]

The Playbook for When Life Changes

It’s no longer a secret that it’s the personal side of money that drives decision-making. And it’s also no longer a secret that, as Heraclitus is rumored to have said about life back in about 500 BC, change is the only constant. All of your clients will experience life transition after life transition. And yet, […]