On the Bezos Divorce as a Sudden Money® Event

With so much media time and space being occupied with stories about the Bezos divorce, what we haven’t seen is commentary from experts regarding this divorce as a sudden money® event. Here, Linda Cao, a Certified Financial Transitionist® who works mostly with women divorcees, addresses some obvious and not-so-obvious human issues from the perspective of […]
widow looking into space

On Widows and Decision Free Zones

When I read “Clients Who Lose a Spouse Require Both Empathy and Skill” by Juliette Fairley in Financial Advisor’s online magazine, I was encouraged by the several mentions of the non-financial needs of widows. I immediately contacted Robin Young, CFP®, RLP®, who is a Mastery-level Certified Financial Transitionist® and has been working with widows for decades. […]