On EQ, Financial Planners, and Mindfulness

In our CORE training at the Financial Transitionist Institute, we talk about Daniel Goleman’s five components of EQ as described in his seminal book: Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. self-awareness self-regulation (emotional control) self-motivation (internal motivation) empathy soclal awareness Emotional Intelligence springs from awareness. Recognition of one’s inner states as well […]

On Self-Awareness and Hogwarts Houses

In Why Self-awareness is a Gift, Gregory J. Hahn writes: “Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Paradoxically, self-awareness is a gift we cannot give to someone else. But, an assessment can help to release that gift for us.” He’s talking about the StrengthsFinder assessment (CliftonStrengths), which I have taken, in addition to probably every […]
person as bridge between two cliffs

On Trust and The Unknown

Rachel Botsman, the Trust Fellow at Oxford University, defines trust as “a confident relationship to the unknown.” Botsman’s podcast, Trust Issues is newish and I highly recommend bingeing the first season to get yourself up to date. In the episode entitled, I Don’t Know with Tea Uglow, Botsman and Uglow, of Google’s Creative Lab, have a warm, […]
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On Client Communication Preferences

We here at the Financial Transitionist Institute believe that honoring the communication preferences of individual clients is crucial to developing and maintaining good relationships. In fact, Communication Preferences is the first tool we teach in our yearlong program in Financial Transitions Planning. We call it Core Training, and our graduates continuously say it fundamentally alters […]