We asked our community, some of whom have been members for 18 years, to describe their FTI/SMI experience in one word, and the above word cloud is the result.

When asked about the FTI/SMI training, below are the responses for those who agreed or strongly agreed:

I find the materials to be uniquely helpful.
I would recommend FTI’s training to other professionals.
My client meetings are more productive as a result of my training.
My clients have responded positively to the FTI tools.

We then asked, “In one sentence, describe the biggest impact our training has had on your business or your life.” Here are some of the responses . . .

“The CeFT® body of work is the Rosetta Stone
for experienced Financial Planners.”
– Ross Marino CFP®, CeFT®

“FTI’s training has added the most needed ingredient
into the financial planning process—The Client.”
– Norm Politziner, CFP®, CeFT®

“FTI has led so much innovation in this important
sector of the financial planning/life planning
industry. No one else has done what this community
has done.”

Michael B. Karwic, CFP®, AEP®, CRPC®, CeFT®

“My training as a CeFT® has proven invaluable in my
work as a CDFA. The majority of my clients are
wracked with indecision and are emotionally paralyzed.
The skills I learned as a CeFT® help me help them
feel comfortable with their decisions.”

– Barbara Shapiro EdM2, MSF, CFP®, CFS, CMC,
CDFA, CeFT®, Registered Investment Advisor



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